Our Mission

Every successful business needs to identify a problem and provide solution for it.
Our passion is data and our mission is to solve a tedious problem related to it.

Whenever a company wants to buy new data it has to deal with multiple providers, since most of them only have one or few type of data available. Also you need to test quality before deciding from whom to buy.

We have all data in one place. We work with hundreads of different data providers who generata tens of millions of lines of data per month. This assures that all your data needs will be met in one place.


We provide huge variety of data services.

SMS & Email data

We provide high quality data for SMS and Email direct marketing.
Our data has been verified to assure good deliver rate.

Full data

As the name suggests full data contains full details, such as:
Name, email, phone number, address, city and country.

Data on request

We provide specific data on request, this could be:
B2B data or data from specific source, for both email and SMS marketing.

How data selling works?

Because we do things differently our selling procedure is also different. This is how it's done.

1. The clients requests specific data from us.

2. We contact our data providers to see if they can provide such data and request a sample from them.

3. Once we receive the quotes and samples we send them to you.

4. You are able to test data from different sources and at different pricing levels in the same place.

5. You select the data you like and purchase it.



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